Diabound00's Mobile Suit Gundam: Alternate Universe Tv Review

Rated: 6

If you compare Gundam X to other Gundam series it isn’t really that good. Also it hasn’t a really big main story which is strongly followed throughout the series. Instead it is divided into several story arcs which are all connected to Jamil’s journey to find and help Newtypes. Also you often find connections to Gundam Wing like with the Gundams or the characters but nevertheless they all are unique and interresting. Also you will find connections to the Universal Century timeline. So reminds the space war and the colony drop at the beginning on the One Year War from the original Gundam series. Also the most remarkable part of the series is the story of the Newtypes and the most important part of it is the fact that it brings an answer to what Newtypes really are.

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Diabound00's Angel Sanctuary Tv Review

Rated: 7

Because the anime is only and OVA with three episodee while the manga has 20 volumes it is hard to fit the whole story in the anime. So the OVA only covers the first arc of the manga which goes until the middle of the fourth volume. And also this part was strongly cut to tell the story in only 90 minutes. It’s a pity that this manga wasn’t made into an anime because it’s my most favourite manga but considering the story it becomes rather clear why it wasn’t made into a whole anime series. Also two characters are completely missing from the anime who played a major role in the first story arc. It is also important that you should read the manga first befor you watch the anime because then you will understand the story better.

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